As I sat down to blog, we got a call from the nursing home. Jean, my mother-in-law is dying. In her honor, I am reposting this post I wrote about her earlier this year. We would appreciate prayers for our family.

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My mother-in-law, Jean, is an amazing person. In her lifetime,  she has earned academic  excellence. She has raised five boys. She has kept the books for my father-in-law, Sam, who was a dentist. Jean has fed forty to fifty people at a time in her home, serving delicious  meals, being a great hostess, without even batting an eyelash. She has been an incredibly gifted pianist and has used her skills in several churches. She has accompanied my husband and me when we sang for weddings and other occasions. Jean has led Bible studies throughout her life, and she has been a great student of the Bible. Jean has shown me an example for having faith in all situations.

Jean welcomed me into her family wholeheartedly. I think she loved me most for giving her three granddaughters, among other things. She enjoyed having my girls over to spend the night and…

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