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I don’t intend to write about all my six chemos, (I am hearing a collective sigh of relief) but the aftermath of chemo two needs mentioning.

My second chemotherapy was on Friday, September 21st. I came home and went to the recliner to sleep.

Bryan woke me that evening to tell me that our oldest daughter, Sarah, was headed to a camping trip when her battery died. She was at the Shelbyville Flying J (gas station). Sarah began to feel dizzy, so she went in the store to find her boyfriend (now son-in-law) just in time to pass out. As she had no car, she went by ambulance to the Jewish Emergency Center in Shelbyville. She was treated and released.

Bryan told me the story, and I was so sad about Sarah, but I couldn’t stay awake long enough to think about it.

On Saturday, there was a U of L home game, and we had season tickets. Bryan, my husband, went with my youngest daughter, Katie, and my mother-in-law, Jean.

When they came home, they woke me up to tell me what had happened at the game. Bryan’s car had been broken into, and Katie’s purse was stolen with all a seventeen-year-old’s treasures – cell phone from her birthday, gift cards from her birthday, cash from teaching piano, iPod, wallet, senior ring, car keys, new purse, and a Bible that was special to her.

I thought this was terrible, but again, I couldn’t stay awake to think about it.

I continued to sleep through Sunday, Monday, and half of Tuesday.

On Tuesday afternoon while I was coming out of my “fog”, I realized that it was starting to rain, and I asked Katie to let in the dogs. We had two dogs, a black miniature Schnauzer named Tatiana, and a teacup Yorkie named Dicken. Katie got Tatiana in right away, but she told me she couldn’t find Dicken.

Unfortunately, Dicken had crawled under the fence. There was a large dog across the street that should have been confined, but he wasn’t. He mauled Dicken to death. Some neighborhood boys saw Dicken and brought him to the house.

I had to call Emily, my middle daughter, because Dicken was her dog. She was living downtown while she was in college. I didn’t know what to say, so I just told her right up front what had happened.

The next evening Emily’s boyfriend (now husband) Hunter came to my dad’s property. He and Bryan buried Dicken in the woods while Emily and I watched.

I wrote about all of this on my cancer blog, and I got a comment from a friend that said, “Are you auditioning for the part of Job”? if you don’t know the story,  he was a man who lived during Old Testament times. He had it all and lost it all through a series of tragedies.

That was my craziest chemo.

Fun before chemo three? I gave my husband a fiftieth birthday party (with lots of help) and once again we gathered in the field with a bonfire, grilled out and had lots of great visiting time with his family and ours.

Ready for chemo three!