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When my friend, Anne, texted me yesterday that her husband, Dennis, had been matched with a liver, I was elated.

Anne and I homeschooled together for seventeen years. We each had three girls, and there were a couple of other women with two or three girls, and we did a lot of things together – field trips, theater and museum events, or just hanging out together on a Friday after the schoolwork for the week was done.

We were “in the trenches” together when most people had no understanding of home education, and we were considered “different”. As a result of this, we developed a very strong bond.

Anne has been a very faithful friend. She also emanates the Lord in all that she does.

Anne’s husband has been sick for a very long time with a variety of illnesses. A couple of years ago, his liver began to fail. He was sick, but not sick enough to be on a list for a liver transplant.

When he started to deteriorate, he was put on the waiting list. He was getting very sick very quickly. I have been waiting to hear that he received a liver in time. He was almost to the point of being too sick for his body to have the transplant.

He had a match yesterday. Anne texted another close friend and me that he was going into surgery soon. The doctor had to drive to Lexington to get the liver and bring it back. His surgery was slated to begin at 1:30 am. It was to be a ten hour surgery.

Anne called me this morning to tell me that all went well, and that the new liver began working almost immediately. The doctors are amazed at how quickly Dennis is recovering, and at how quickly the new liver is beginning to work.

When I got off the phone, I burst into tears of relief. Anne and Dennis have a wonderful marriage. Anne has recently lost both of her parents, and two of her girls are now married and live in California. She has one daughter in Louisville who has made her a grandma, but I couldn’t picture Anne without Dennis. They really are the picture of the biblical concept of two becoming one.

Anne called me back to tell me that today is their thirty-fourth wedding anniversary, and that she feels like she has a new groom! Another outburst of tears when I got off the phone with her. What a great anniversary!

Dennis will be well enough to fly to California to witness the birth of his second grandchild. He will be able to do so many things that he has not been able to do for years.

Of course, this is bittersweet, because someone gave their life so that Dennis would get the transplant. Anne is very aware of this, and is praying for that family in their grief. I don’t know if they can imagine what a gift they have given someone else in the midst of their tragedy. Anne is so grateful that this man chose to help others live on after he was gone.

If you are not a donor, please consider being an organ donor. It can mean so much to a person who will now live longer, and I think it is a comfort to the family to know that they were able to help someone else in their time of grief.

If you are married, we all will be at that place with our husband or wife at some point. This is just another season of a woman’s life.