This movie is in the theaters in Louisville right now. Don’t miss it!

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My husband and I were invited last week to preview a new movie that will be released September 26 nationwide. This film is the first nationally released full length picture produced by City on a Hill Productions, a Louisville based film company. City on a Hill is working in conjunction with Samuel Goldwyn Films.

The Song is a modern day story of Solomon from the books Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes. There is something for everyone in this movie.

There is a passionate love story with a gorgeous vineyard as the backdrop. The couple is beautiful, inside and out. Their marriage is like a dream. The new husband is good to his father-in-law and loves his family above all else.

There is  music. The new husband is the son of a famous musician, David King. He is unsuccessful until he finds a new sound. There is the depiction of a…

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