I am on the fourth day of the flu with no end in sight, so I am reblogging one of my most read posts. Hopefully, I will have a new post for you next week. I have lots of ideas in my head!

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When my oldest daughter began her education, she went to a little private preschool, and then on to a public kindergarten. I loved her teacher, Mrs. Wallace. She was the quintessential old fashioned early childhood teacher, and my daughter loved her kindergarten year. I thought we had a perfect fit. I joined the PTA, got sponsors for raffles, and even made a quilt to sell at the auction.

Then came first grade, and it was a nightmare. My daughter was attacked on the bus the during the second week of first grade, and it was devastating to her. Her personality changed. She wanted me to drive her to and from school. She would rather wet her pants at the end of the day than go into the bathrooms at school. She spent most of first grade terrified.

I tried working with the system, but they were of no help. I…

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