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When I was growing up, one of our television stations played a particular background music as the school closings scrolled down our television set. This music became so iconic that they continue to use the music today, and I associate snow days with that music.

We typically have a few school closings during the winter. Unfortunately for homeschoolers, there is no need to take a day off school.

I did adjust our schedules, so that the girls only did the basics. We finished really early and the girls went out to play in the snow.

girls in snow

Of course, it took a long time for everyone to get bundled up to head outdoors.

While they were playing, I would make sure that I had some hot chocolate on hand and some home made chocolate chip cookies. I would have a fire in the wood stove to make the family room cozy, and I would put three towels in the dryer to warm. I put the girls’ robes by the door. When they were ready to come in, I brought the towels up to the door. They took off all their snow gear right inside the door (they were young, so there were no modesty issues). They dried themselves with the warm towels and put on their robes.


Then they would head downstairs to warm by the fire while they had their hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. Meanwhile, I put their snow clothes in the dryer so that the clothes would be warm and dry when they went back out.

We would repeat this scenario until they were too tired to go back out anymore.


Dinner would be chili or chicken and dumplings with home made bread.

Those were cozy days!