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cantwell 268

My parents’ 57th anniversary is today. Our family has been excited about this anniversary for a couple of weeks. Each anniversary our parents share is so special now.

Well, my dad’s health is fragile, although you wouldn’t know it by some of the things he still does.

He was extremely ill about two weeks ago on a Monday night. Mom took him to the emergency room, where they waited for several hours to be seen and arrived home about 2:00 AM.

The emergency room staff gave him some antibiotic, but declined to admit him because his immune system is compromised, and there are many infectious diseases transmitted in the hospital. They told him to see his doctor the next day.

The next morning, Mom drove Dad to see his doctor, who diagnosed him with a sinus infection. Dad was sent home with more antibiotics.

That evening Dad started to feel better. He told Mom that earlier, when he was so sick, he really thought he might die. He said that he had been so sick that he didn’t think he was going to make it to …… now at this point Mom is expecting some talk of their upcoming anniversary.

But my Dad said that he had been so sick, he didn’t think he was going to make it to watch the next UK game.

Now there’s a fan!