My youngest, Katie, is moving to Denver, Colorado along with Molly, her dog. She and I are going out this coming week to look at apartments. Katie has accepted a job that she has wanted for a long time. In honor of Katie and Molly, I am reblogging  this post.

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This is Molly.


And this is Molly, too.


This is Katie, playing in the snow one day with Molly.


And this is also Katie, looking very serious in the British Museum in London. This picture has nothing to do with Molly, but I thought it was a cool picture of Katie.

Molly and Katie have been almost inseparable since the day the Katie brought Molly to her home. Molly’s full name is The Unsinkable Molly Brown, and it suits her well. 

We have all had so much fun with Molly. At the house, she would bark at the broom or the vacuum cleaner. We would take her to the waterfront in Louisville or to the lake in Tennessee, and she would bark at the waves. She could be very cuddly if she was tired enough.

My five-year-old niece calls the pair “Molly and her mother”.

A while back we went…

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