I wrote this last year for D-Day, and as I reread the post today, I didn’t think I could improve on my thoughts from last year. D-Day was the beginning of the end of World War II in Europe, and was the largest invasion in history. We should never forget what these men did on that day. The world might be a different place if not for their courage. Please take a moment today to remember the sacrifices made by many on D-Day.

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Today, June 6th is the 71th anniversary of D-Day. Not many men who fought there are still living. I observed or remembered three stories that day.

There was a group of WWII veterans flying out of Louisville to view the WWII Memorial, the Korean Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial. The trip was totally sponsored and even included the veterans’ meals. I watched on TV as these old, stooped, or wheelchair bound men were going through the airport to board their plane. They were so excited! It was hard to imagine that they were the strong young men who had stormed Omaha Beach and actually turned the tide of the war. But I would bet that each of them keep the photos to prove it.

A veteran who lived in a nursing home in England was told there was no room for him on the ferry that was taking a group…

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