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My Aunt Leva died at the age of 103 back in 2009. When a reporter interviewed Aunt Leva a few years ago, the reporter asked Leva what was the best thing about living so long, Aunt Leva piped up “No peer pressure!”

Aunt Leva was the youngest of the fourteen Roberts children. Her father, Maston, travelled often as foreman of a logging group, and her mother, Lucy, ran a tight ship to keep the home in order. Every younger child worked with an older child on chores, and the older child was responsible for the younger one. They worked hard “Up on Birch”, and they loved each other and had lots of fun.

Aunt Leva died in February of 2008. A friend who wrote poetry asked if she could read a poem at the funeral that she had written for her friend.


by Jeanne Light

She slipped, quietly away, Going as she came, on a Mid-Winter’s Day. Leaving behind her earthly store, The “simple” things she’ll need no more. Possessions remaining her heart treasured.  Memories rich, beyond all measure.  A Bible she had marked, a recipe book, An old fashioned apron she wore, Some clothes, some shoes, a coat or two, some photographs of friends she knew.  Souvenirs of numerous travels, an old housecoat that had started to ravel. Crochet hooks, a perfume spray, Daddy’s candlesticks, a serving tray. Some books she read, a rocking chair, canning jars from her garden fare. A family ring, a necklace heart, held close kin even when part. Knitting needles, her art unfurled, made Christmas gifts for her boys and girls.Much used iron skillets, some pie plates, too. Cause Mom loved pie – and choice country food. A quilt, some goods – for making dresses, a mop, a broom, for cleaning up messes. Her sewing machine, a thimble, some thread. A worn rolling pin, an old antique bed. A spinning wheel, some nice, warm socks. Her pen, her desk, her tithing box.  Eyeglasses, makeup, a gold wedding ring. All of these – her much loved things. These that added, part by part, pieced together her beautiful heart. She left them behind – all “tucked away”. These treasures she cherished so much. They’re all laid aside – awaiting a return – missing her gentle touch. But one “thing” she left here I can’t lay aside, “It’s” present continually – Waiting behind like the rest she loved. “It” won’t pack away…”It’s ME!

Leva’s life was busy and creative. She was creating quilts, blankets, things for her family and friends. She was always working on something in the kitchen – she was a great cook. Leva used her talents to raise her children and to volunteer to the church.

What belongings will your family see after you have passed? A long list of sports equipment, every beauty product known to man? A kitchen in the latest fashion but never used and is not the heart of the home? What kind of books? How big the TV is? Not a Bible in the house? No evidence of family together? What do you want them to see when they collect your things?